A Breast Lift to Restore Your Breast's Shape and Symmetry

Pregnancy, weight loss, and aging can have a significant impact on the positioning and fullness of your breasts. Dr. John F. Zavell can provide a traditional or modified breast lift (mastopexy) to achieve the shape you desire. We use digital preview software at our Toledo, OH, practice to allow you to see your results prior to surgery and make a fully informed decision about your treatment. 

What Can a Breast Lift Achieve?

Unlike breast augmentation, a breast lift alone will not increase the size of your breast. Instead, it can eliminate sagging and restore youthful contours and firmness. During your breast lift, Dr. Zavell will trim away excess tissue and tighten remaining tissue to achieve a natural-looking, rejuvenated shape. Each breast lift is tailored to address patients' specific cosmetic concerns. Dr. Zavell employs an advanced surgical approach that helps result in minimal scarring. Breast lift surgery can offer the following:

  • Restored Shape and Symmetry: Pregnancy and weight gain can leave your breasts sagged- or stretched-looking. If you are concerned about a loss in breast shape or size following a change in your body, a breast lift may be right for you. If your breasts point or fall downward, a breast lift can provide symmetry and fullness. 
  • Improved Proportion: Weight loss can lead to sagging or loose skin around the breast, while pregnancy can increase breast size drastically and unevenly. A breast lift can remove excess skin and reshape the breast into a more proportional size that matches your new figure. 

Breast Lift (Mastopexy) Before and After Photos

A patient before breast lift surgery.
A patient after breast lift surgery.
A 35-year old breast lift patient of Dr. John F. Zavell 

Your Initial Consultation

During your initial consultation with Dr. Zavell, he will conduct a thorough medical evaluation and discuss whether you are healthy enough candidate to undergo mastopexy surgery. Dr. Zavell will discuss your concerns and goals with you and determine whether a breast lift alone is the most effective way to help you reach your desired outcomes. If you decide that you would also like to increase the size of your breasts, Dr. Zavell can provide breast augmentation with a breast lift. 

We encourage you to ask questions and voice concerns during your initial consultation, so that we can make adjustments to your surgical plan.

If you have minimal sagging and small breasts, Dr. Zavell can perform a modified lift. However, when tissue is removed, the breast will appear smaller, and tissue cannot be placed back into the breast to add volume once it is removed. In order to help you make an informed decision, we can can provide an external sizing system that fits into your clothes. We can also create computer-generated reconstruction photos to help you visualize the possible outcomes of your breast lift.

We encourage you to ask questions and voice concerns during your initial consultation, so that we can make adjustments to your surgical plan if you are not pleased with the preview. Prior to your surgery, Dr. Zavell will discuss what to expect during and after your procedure. He will talk to you about drains, prescriptions, and equipment, such as a surgical brassiere, that should be used during your recovery. 

Your Breast Lift Surgery

During your breast lift surgery, our nurse anesthetist or anesthesiologist will administer sedation to help you feel comfortable. Dr. Zavell will perform a subtle incision around the areola to minimize visible scarring and trim away sagging tissue. Dr. Zavell will then reshape your remaining breast tissue into a more rejuvenated and lifted shape to complete the mastopexy. 

Schedule Your Visit Today 

The only way to determine whether a breast lift can best help you address your cosmetic concerns is a consultation. Dr. Zavell will listen to your concerns and help you explore your surgical options. Call our office at (419) 534-6551 or schedule a consultation online to learn more about our surgical procedures

Dr. John F. Zavell

John F. Zavell, MD, FACS

Dr. John Zavell is a board-certified plastic surgeon who has been helping patients achieve their aesthetic goals since 1993. He is a member of: 

  • The American Society of Plastic Surgeons 
  • The American Society of Aesthetic Surgeons
  • The American College of Surgeons

He has mastered advanced techniques and uses the latest technology to provide patients of all ages with the most natural-looking, life-changing results. To schedule a consultation at Dr. Zavell's plastic surgery practice, request an appointment online or call us at (740) 628-0185

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"The decision to undergo cosmetic surgery is a very personal one and our mission is to honor that choice by jointly cultivating a treatment plan that will deliver results personally crafted for you." Dr. Zavell

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