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In your mind you most likely have an ideal body image and we want to help you create that image. The perfect clothes or an abundance of time at the gym cannot fix everything that you dislike about your body. You know what your perfect measurements are and Dr. John F. Zavell in Toledo, OH, can achieve that for you. We want you to have the body and look that you desire and the confidence that you deserve. For our practice, breast augmentation is more than just a “boob job” and it should be to you as well. Instead, Dr. Zavell welcomes the opportunity to craft the best version of you.

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Dr. Zavell is an expert in breast implants who can help you achieve beautiful, natural-looking bust enhancement.

There is a reason that breast augmentation is the leading cosmetic surgery in the U.S., because the results can completely transform your self-image. Dr. Zavell wants to help take your confidence to new heights. Your path to a more exciting you will begin with a consultation to discuss your reasons for choosing breast enhancement. Time will be taken to ensure that the size you choose meets your desired outcome while incision placement will be discussed as well. Whatever alteration you personally decide on, Dr. Zavell will partner with you to achieve the renewal you are looking for.

Breast augmentation is an important decision for any woman, and her choice of surgeon is paramount. Dr. Zavell has performed countless breast enlargement surgeries for women of all ages in Toledo, Maumee, Perrysburg, Bowling Green, Findlay, Sylvania, and the surrounding areas, and he is involved as a researcher in breast implant technology. As a result, he is often allowed to use certain types of implants that other surgeons are not.

Peace of mind is paramount during your cosmetic surgery journey and our team is there to calm any fears and make you feel as comfortable as possible. Dr. Zavell and his associates feel knowledge is the key component to feeling relaxed with your procedure and we take great pride in helping you look and feel your best.


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What breast size is right for me?

Breast Augmentation Results

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“I had a breast augmentation done previously and it looked terrible. The visible lines and dents of the implants through my skin were because of the type of implant the previous doctor chose. I found Dr. Zavell online and I couldn’t have made a better choice. He was able to fix everything and exceeded my expectations. Thank you for giving me my confidence back!”

 - Carol

“I cannot say enough about Dr. Zavell. I first had my liposuction and abdominoplasty with him 10 years ago, and when I was looking into breast augmentation I went back. The perfection in his work is a reflection of the perfection I have received. My care, the treatment, my results, the entire experience well exceeded my expectations. Thank you again, I have never been happier with my body and in my skin. My cosmetic surgeries have been the best investment EVER.”


“Dr. Zavell and his staff are incredibly friendly and supportive. All of my questions were answered and I always felt that I was in good hands. I felt that Dr. Zavell and his staff took the time to get to know me and my desired outcome from the surgery. My surgery went smoothly as did my recovery and I am incredibly happy with the results. I would highly recommend Dr. Zavell to anyone!”


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Top Questions on Breast Augmentation

What can I expect after breast augmentation surgery?

Dr. Zavell encourages a rapid and safe return to your activities. Walking is encouraged on the day of surgery. You may return to light ellipse machine or similar work out in a week. After two weeks, these light work-outs may be increased. Dr. Zavell’s breast augmentation patients frequently return to running/jogging or group exercises after 4 weeks.

How much pain will I have after breast augmentation surgery?

Since Dr. Zavell encourages early activity, pain is rapidly controlled. To minimize your pain, a long acting local anesthetic is injected into your breasts at the end of surgery. A pain pump can be used to further alleviate discomfort in the first 3-4 days, by which time you are quickly improving. Following Dr. Zavell’s plan for a rapid recovery, combined with these pain control measures, don’t let the thought of pain prevent you from obtaining the natural, full breast that you desire.

How do I know which breast implant to choose for breast augmentation surgery?

At your office consultation, Dr. Zavell and his staff will discuss both saline and silicone implants, as well as he newer “gummy bear” implants. You will be able to hold and feel each implant noticing the differences. From Dr. Zavell’s 20+ years of experience with breast augmentation, he will recommend the implant that best suits your body shape, chest, current breasts, and your breast enhancement goals. The choice will be made with your input as part of the team.

What limitations will I have after surgery?

Following Dr. Zavell’s plan for a smooth rapid recovery, your return to work and/or child care may be as soon as several days to a week. You should be able to return to work in 7-14 days after breast augmentation surgery if you have a sedentary or “desk job”. For those of you with a more labor intensive situation, Dr. Zavell will tailor your recovery to meet your more physically demanding needs.

How is my new breast size determined?

You are intimately involved in choosing the implant size for your breast augmentation. Dr. Zavell employs an external implant sizing system, specifically designed by the implant manufacturer, to allow you to see what different size implants would look like in your breasts. (This is much more accurate than simply putting an implant in a bra.) Breast Augmentation patients are encouraged to spend as much time as they need determining their new look. In addition, New Look Now computer imagining may be used to further show you your new implant enhanced breast. These techniques have brought patients extreme satisfaction with their results. You will love your new attractive full breasts.

Recovery time varies with most patients returning to work within 1-3 weeks and vigorous exercise within 6-8 weeks. Results will be noticed immediately, however final results will appear over the next few months as swelling and bruising recede, and breast shape and position settle.

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The decision to undergo cosmetic surgery is a very personal one and our mission is to honor that choice by jointly cultivating a treatment plan that will deliver results personally crafted for you. Dr. Zavell

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